Anxiety kicking in the head

How is it possible to be so selfabsorbed in everyday anxieties that it’s hard to see life happening all around you? I really need to do something, if I only knew what that something was.


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Our old dog –

These kind of stories really makes you want to believe in the afterlife.

This story actually inspired me and what came out of it was this;

This is a sort of fan art to the original writer of the story. I was touched and wanted to share the good feelings I got from this. This relieved my anciety which means a lot to me. Thank you for this. I really learned something here.

Where does it end?


One shan’t know all.
There shall always be more than only one side to anything you might ever think of.

What it is to exist?

Are we as people, creation of an unthinkable power?

Do we as people have a meaning or a purpose on earth?

Is the alingment of stars meaningful? Is it just the result of a pure coincident?

Is a human too small to realize what the world is about? Is there a next level we’ve yet to achieve?

How much knowledge can one brain hold? Is there a limit?

All this feels like asking if plants can feel. One can only guess. ”Stated untrue until proven otherwise”.

ABook Review

I just read the Book When God Was a Rabbit – by Sarah Winman and I must say that, that was a book full of life. I loved its twists and turns as it went on forward, never stopped for too long and if it stopped at some point it was done beautufully and with grace.

I can’t say anything more except Wow!

Cultural differences

This picture isn't mine and I have no idea who drew it but amazing work! Thank you.

This picture isn’t mine and I have no idea who drew it but amazing work! Thank you.

I was thinking how in China it is normal to eat dogs and it’s actually part of their culture. Then again in Europe it would raise a lot of commotion eating a poor dog. In Europe in many countries Dogs are in some ways protected by law. It is actually illegal to torture a dog, you get fined for that kind of acts. Of course there is no preset of wrong and right, people make things wrong or right for them. What seems a good thing might be bad for someone else.

Another example: It’s forbidden to eat cows in India. It’s okay in all around the world except India (at least to my knowledge). Cow is a sacred animal there.

And now of course different cultures have different reasons to eat or not to eat some kind of meat. Jewish people do not eat pigs, pork, because it’s considered filthy.

I guess what you could get out of this is that cultures have their opinions too, not just people.

This one is about cheating

So imagine this: A girl has told her boyfriend it is okay for him to have sex with anyone else if he feels the need to. The boyfriend then uses this opportunity and has some one night stand. Feeling privileged to have done that he then tells the girlfriend about this one time snuggle – of course leaving out the unnecessary details – but then! the girlfriend gets seriously mad yelling that this boyfriend has now cheated her and they now have to break up.

Acknowledging that the girlfriend having told the boyfriend before it is okay to have sex (a.ka. cheat in this context)  Which of these characters now cheated? And how?